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Colomychus Chernobilis

Design by Lanzavecchia + Wai Collection Limited Edition Limited edition of 5 pcs Request a design consultation to customize this rug Contact Us


With the Colomychus Chernobilis carpet, the Lanzavecchia + Wai studio pays homage to the land ravaged by the first nuclear disaster, Ukraine, which is currently a stage for a bloody war.

A decade after presenting the first carpet from their Mutations 1.0 collection, the designers imagine themselves as entomologists in the Radioactive Red Forest, documenting the genetic mutations of its inhabitants.

“Our fear towards nuclear energy is only tempered by our necessity for it. Inspired by the scientific-poetic illustrations of Cornelia Hesse-Honegger, we have designed the ‘Mutations’ carpets for NODUS, featuring meticulously detailed top-down images, reminiscent of an entomologist’s display case, showcasing real insects with imaginary mutations caused by radiation: the Amaurodes Chernobilis, the Tacua Fukushimae, and the latest mutated insect, the Colomychus Chernobilis.

The underlying pattern, intricately designed by Olivia Lee, faithfully captures the divine proportions of the golden ratio, thereby highlighting the asymmetry of the insect mutations, which, nonetheless, retain an imperfect yet unequivocal beauty. As in nature, the mechanism of evolution rewards perfectly adapted utility, we are left uncertain about the long-term effects of mutations caused by humans and can only observe them in awe.

The refined craftsmanship of this exquisite carpet conveys a bittersweet tale, captivating us with its threads of beauty, reminiscent of a new edition of the “spot the differences” game.”


SizeØ 220 cm - MQ 4,84
Production areaNepal
MaterialsWool and bamboo silk
Quality200 knots/inch2
Pile height6 mm
Lead time24/26 weeks


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