Terra Incognita: Grypho

Design by Faberhama Limited edition of 2 pcs Collection Limited Edition Informations
  • Size150x350
  • Production areaNepal
  • Materialswool
  • Techniquehandknotted
  • Knottibetan
  • Quality200
  • Pile height5
  • Lead time24/26 weeks
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An admirable carpet made of wool, bamboo silk and brass. In ancient times, nomadic tribes crossing Asia often came across fossils of prehistoric animals, exposed in the earth by the elements. Travellers’ accounts described the remains of a beast with the body of a lion and the head of an eagle: the grypho. Terra Incognita pays tribute to this legendary creature, designing a carpet that realises the lion’s coat with golden shades and the eagle’s plumage with tufts of wool sc

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