Design by Matteo Ragni Collection High Design Rugs Informations
  • Size210x300
  • Production areaNepal
  • Materialswool and silk
  • Techniquehandknotted
  • Knottibetan
  • Quality150
  • Pile height6
  • Lead time16/18 weeks
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This wool and silk carpet is a heartfelt tribute to the poetry of Pablo Neruda. On a pile that resembles a block of precious marble, Matteo Ragni reproduces – but it would be more correct to say “sculpts” – the stanzas of the touching lyric “Oda a las cosas” by the great Chilean poet. A composition in verse that speaks to us of the love of small things. The same love that Nepalese master knotters show for each small knot in their carpets.

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