Design by Matali Crasset Limited edition of 1 pcs Collection Limited Edition Informations
  • Size250x350
  • Production areaNepal
  • Materialswool
  • Techniquehandknotted
  • Knottibetan
  • Quality150
  • Pile height6
  • Lead time-
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In 1889, social activist Jane Addams (Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1931) founded Hull House in Chicago, the first nursing home in the US. The institution became the residence of dozens of women, all of whom were involved in social work and, especially, in helping people in need (for example, many were involved in protecting child labor and working women). Matali Crasset celebrates Jane Addams’ efforts in this geometric carpet that, through histograms, shows the distribution of nationalities of the people who came into contact with Hull House.

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