Circus Black

Design by Estudio Campana Limited edition of 10 pcs Collection Limited Edition Informations
  • Size200x200
  • Production areaNepal
  • Materialshemp and rag dolls
  • Techniquehandknotted
  • Knottibetan
  • Quality100
  • Pile height30
  • Lead time18/20 weeks
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A conceptual carpet that is a work of modern art. The artifact, which comes nearly 20 years after the first Circus, represents a cross-section of Brazilian society and its human and cultural richness. The idea behind the carpet draws from a project that began in 2002, when the Campana brothers collaborated with the Riacho Fundo Artisan Association (an NGO in northeastern Brazil), creating iconic pieces such as the ParaĆ­ba Chair. Once again, Fernando and Humberto Campana confirm themselves as artists sensitive to the work of artisan makers and the impact that Estudio Campana’s masterpieces have on the economic chain.

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