Why are area rugs so expensive: Ultimate Guide

Aug 12.2022
Why are area rugs so expensive

This article will explain if you’ve ever asked yourself why are area rugs so expensive when shopping for your home, office or commercial space. And unable to understand the reasons behind its high price. This article will answer how much a rug costs, so you know what you’re paying for. All while adding to the space’s overall sense of warmth and coziness. Rugs make a room cohesive. In living and family rooms, use a rug that’s big enough to fit under the front legs of your furniture. Let’s discuss about why are area rugs so expensive.

The Material Used

The rug’s substance plays a significant role in the final retail price. Your answer will shed light on the discrepancy between the astronomical pricing of some rugs and the more reasonable costs of others of the same size, shape, and design. The material determines a rug’s durability, longevity, and ease of cleaning—three critical factors determining how much a rug is worth. Let’s see the material and why are area rugs so expensive .


In the art of rug weaving, wool is a common material. It is naturally renewable, sustainable and solid. A wool rug will last you nearly a lifetime without losing its quality color or pattern. Wool rugs have a luxurious texture and provide maximum comfort underfoot, much more than synthetic materials. That explains why are area rugs so expensive and are made of wool.


Another natural fiber that is second only to wool in durability and luxury, silk rugs have been loved worldwide since ancient times. Silk, a blend of wool and silk, is used to make the world-famous Persian and Oriental rugs. Why do rugs make of silk cost so much? They have the most polished texture that oozes luxury from every inch. They need expert cleaning using professional methods to keep them looking and feeling as good as new. These rugs are more luxurious and, therefore, unsuitable for children, pets, or people with high foot traffic.

Hemp and Jute:

A less expensive alternative to natural fibers, these materials are often used in rugs designed for high-traffic areas and busy homes. They are less expensive than wool and silk and are widely employed in producing short, flatweave rugs. You can purchase area rugs made from jute or hemp for far less than their synthetic counterparts.


Nylon is durable, versatile, and a synthetic alternative to more expensive natural fibers. It is child and pet friendly and can withstand high foot traffic. However, it also has its downsides. It is highly water absorbent, meaning accidental spills can damage your nylon rugs.


A cheaper synthetic option – polyester, is stain resistant and doesn’t react to peeling like nylon. However, it is less durable, and rugs made of polyester have a shorter lifespan. The fibers become loose, and the rugs break quickly and easily. Still wondering why are area rugs so expensive ?

Why are area rugs so expensive

The method of making the rug.

We all know that anything handmade requires human skill, expertise, and time and will cost more than mass-produced, machine-made items. The same applies to rugs. Handwoven rugs, made by hand by weaving each knot individually on a specially designed loom, are therefore the most expensive. Next comes the hand-tufted variety, made partly by hand and partly by the machine tool. It requires much less time and skill than handwoven rugs, which can only be made by highly skilled, expert artisans and weavers.

Handmade rugs are also much more durable and can last you decades compared to machine-made rugs. The labor that went into perfecting it ensures that every knot is safe and secure. Consider this the next time you gaze upon an expensive area rug and wonder: ask how the rug was made and how long it took to complete the piece of art.

The Knots per Square Inch.

The Knots per Square Inch is also explain why are area rugs so expensive . A rug is not just a piece of fabric that you place in the center of your living room or bedroom. Expensive area rugs come with a hefty price tag because they are works of art you can walk on. Each handmade rug tells the designer’s story, the character of the weaver and the process of creating the rug. It reminds me of a painting that took its creator a long time to complete and was woven with wool and silk thread. How much a rug cost depends on its quality and the time it takes to weave it.  And it is determined by the knots per square inch of the rugs. It’s simple—the higher the knot density, the longer it takes, and the higher the cost. A higher knot count results in shinier, more plush-looking rugs.

When you look at oriental or Persian rugs with intricate designs woven into them, you are looking at a high-density hand-knotted rug that takes anywhere from 30 days to 8 years to make. Each knot is individually woven by hand, making the rug unique and one-of-a-kind worldwide. Think expensive area rugs with a high density of knots that are high-resolution images with more pixels per square inch. So all these things clear your mind why are area rugs so expensive ?

Final Thought

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