What luxury carpet for the living room?

Luxury rugs Nov 11.2020

the righ luxury rug for a living room

The living room is the room of the house to be furnished with more care. Of course, in a prestigious residence every room must be impeccably furnished, but the living room is the house’s calling card. In fact, it is in this environment that you spend relaxing moments with your family. It is here that guests are welcomed.

For a furnishing that is able to amaze, enhance your room with a luxury carpet. This important furnishing element can warm up the atmosphere and give a unique touch of class to your room.

How to choose the perfect luxury carpet for your living room

The right luxury carpet allows you to furnish a salon that will leave your guests speechless. Guests will appreciate the elegance of the carpet and will have a confirmation of your refined aesthetic taste.

In order for the rug to be the perfect rug for your home, you need to make sure that the design, colours and shape of the rug are in harmony with the decor and size of your living room. 

Size, shape and colour are three equally important elements. It is a mistake to give more weight to one of these carpet features to the detriment of the others. Basing your choice on colour by neglecting dimensions, for example, or, on the contrary, taking measurements to the millimetre without considering the role of colour and balance with the other elements in the room does not help to express the full potential of your salon. 

The luxury carpet is a very important piece of the puzzle. It must fit perfectly with sofas, armchairs, furniture, curtains and wall colour. In a salon where white and pastel colours predominate, you can give personality to the room with a luxury carpet with bright colours and designs inspired by the world of art or nature. Wefts reminiscent of a painter’s brushstrokes, flower petals or abstract lines that play with colour gradations: these are all valid solutions to make the living room special, with simplicity. 

Ideally, the carpet should cover the surface occupied by the sofa and the armchairs, making sure there is enough space on the sides. In the most original furnishing projects, you can choose a rug with irregular shapes, which does not comply with this general rule. What really matters, however, is this: the luxury rug chosen must be the best solution to ensure that the room best reflects the taste and sensitivity of the owners.

Marvel at the guests? Easy, with the right luxury carpet…

A very colourful or unusually shaped luxury carpet is perfect for decorating living rooms in large open spaces. If you do not dare to make decisive choices, in this type of environment the risk is to have a dispersive, cold, uninvolving furnishing. A refined luxury carpet, on the other hand, manages to catch the eye. It fills your eyes with wonder, day after day. 

Those who prefer a classic furnishing, with the warm colours of natural wood as the master, can furnish the living room with a rug with geometric patterns or with weaves reminiscent of those typical of oriental carpets. Lines, diagonals and rhombuses give personality to the room without the risk of overdoing it.

The choice of colour is decisive for the success of the furnishing project. The colour of the carpet cannot be decided in advance but must be decided on the basis of the other elements present in the room. The choices made can bring out the object, putting it in the centre of the scene, or they can focus everything on other elements of the living room furnishings, such as the sofa or the furniture. If in the first case it is necessary to make sure that the colour is strong enough to predominate over everything else, in the second case it is a good idea to choose a rug that can furnish with class in combination with sofas, armchairs and furniture. In short: the choice should be considered with a certain attention.

An often underestimated element, when it comes to choosing the luxury carpet for the room, is represented by the walls of the room. Coloured walls or high-quality wallpaper can make the most of the carpet. Together with the interior designer you can think about complementary colours or contrasting colours. If the goal is to impress and leave guests amazed, this is the right way to go.

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