The modern luxury rug? Like a painting by a famous painter

Luxury rugs May 01.2021

The modern luxury rug? Like a painting by a famous painterModern luxury rugs are first and foremost important pieces of furniture. Then, in some cases, they can also be decorative elements that have the prestige and charm of contemporary art masterpieces.

It is therefore entirely legitimate to consider a specific category of modern carpets as paintings. This makes it possible to see these carpets from a new perspective and to interpret them in a new way within interior design projects. Incidentally, this is also the philosophy behind Nodus since its inception.

A modern painting… in wool and silk!

There are many things in common between a painting and a modern rug. The tools used are different, but both the painters and the skilled craftsmen who create luxury carpets use their imagination and creativity to create their work. While the artist creates his painting using canvas and brushes, the craftsman creates his art carpet by composing the image through coloured threads knotted around the warp and weft.

The creative inspiration that leads to the definition of the painting, reproduced on canvas or on the carpet, can come from the observation of the environment, from elements of the tradition and culture of the place or from the inventiveness of the author. The result is a unique and unrepeatable work that adds value and enhances the environment in which it is placed.

As with paintings, luxury hand made rugs can also increase their economic value over time. While in the field of art, the increase in value is linked to the figure of the painter or sculptor, the artistic trend or the appreciation of the critics, in the case of carpets there are several aspects that determine their appreciation. In addition to the intrinsic characteristics of the carpet, such as the fine materials used and the complexity or exclusivity of the design, the story that each carpet tells contributes to its value. The origin of the carpet, its destination and the characteristics of the environment in which it is placed can influence the perceived value of the product and make it even more exclusive. Consequently, these same elements also increase its economic importance. Just as it happens with those paintings that are able to appreciate more and more over the years.

A new way of understanding art and furnishing: decorating floors and walls with the beauty of contemporary rugs

Luxury carpets with a high artistic value become the central element around which all the rest of the furniture is built. It is no longer just a decorative element, but also the focal point around which the choice of furniture and room decoration revolves. In such cases, the carpet should be chosen first and given a prominent place in the room.

In order to bring out the full beauty of the carpet, it should not be covered by furniture and should be adequately lit. When placing the carpet it is therefore important to check that there is sufficient natural light to enhance the variety of colours and design. It is also useful to make sure that the artificial light illuminates the carpet centrally and with the right intensity.

To give them even more prominence, the finest luxury rugs can also be placed on the wall. This is particularly suitable if you want to give the carpet special emphasis. If the carpet is delicate, this can also help preserve its durability.

In the case of silk carpets, as well as preventing wear and tear, displaying them on a wall allows you to better appreciate the lustre of the fabric and the colour variations generated by changes in light.

How to highlight the style of your home with designer rugs

If it is true that a carpet can change the look and feel of a room, this is even truer when you are faced with a designer carpet.

When there is a balance between the carpet and the rest of the decoration, the room as a whole is strengthened. The decoration of the carpet emphasises the line and design of the furniture and its colour shines in concert with that of the walls and accessories.

The beauty of a luxury designer carpet is particularly enhanced in the living room. This is the space for conviviality and sharing with guests. Being able to show them a precious carpet like a painting creates an environment that is both cosy and classy. A unique and original domestic space.

As only works of art can do, designer carpets make their surroundings special and catch people’s eyes. The carpet becomes a focal point for those who want to impress their guests and at the same time want their home to communicate a sense of sophistication and a love of contemporary art.

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