How to match luxury rugs to the floor in your home

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How to match luxury rugs to the floor in your home
Matching luxury carpets to the floor is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing home furnishings. Often the floor is a binding element and you need to make sure that the carpet matches the style and colours of the floor in the room. In homes with particularly delicate floors, the carpet also has a protective function that should not be underestimated.

Carpets and floor types: how to choose the ideal combination?

There are several considerations when it comes to finding the perfect match between carpet and floor type. The choice is different depending on whether the house is under construction, where the owner can decide what type of floor covering to install, or whether the house is ready to be furnished. While in the first case it is possible to decide from the outset what is the best combination of styles and materials, in the second case you can only act on the choice of the carpet.

Then there is the intermediate case of a house undergoing renovation, where you can decide either to replace the flooring, either throughout the house or only in certain rooms, or to keep the existing floor and enhance it with a specially selected set of carpets.

The right carpets for a house with wooden floors

Wooden floors give the home a warm and cosy atmosphere, which can be enhanced by the presence of a contemporary luxury carpet.

Depending on the preferences of the person living in the house, you can choose a light-coloured wooden floor, using oak or beech for example, or a darker colour, such as teak, walnut or chestnut. The versatility of wood means that there is a wide range of choices and that wool, silk or other materials can be used in the different rooms of the house, or that you can choose oriental-inspired or original contemporary design models.

For the living area of the house, it is preferable to use wool carpets with colours and patterns that not only match the style of the furniture, but are also durable and not prone to staining. In the bedroom you can choose a soft long-pile carpet if you want to emphasise comfort and softness, or a colourful short-pile carpet with original shapes or designs.

In addition to considering the furnishing style of the room, at least two other aspects of the relationship between wood flooring and carpet should be kept in mind. While it is true that the carpet protects the floor from scratches and dents, especially in busy rooms, it is also true that the presence of the carpet can create stains on the floor. When choosing the wood species to lay in your home, you need to consider how the seasoning of the wood will affect the colour. Some woods, such as doussiƩ, iroko or cherry, tend to darken over time, while other woods, including teak and some types of beech, may appear lighter over the years.

Regularly rotating and moving the carpet helps to avoid obvious discolouration in the room.

Which rugs to choose for a house with marble floors

Marble is considered a cold material. A nice wool carpet is perfect to warm up the atmosphere and to protect the stone from stains or scratches.

The colour and design of the luxury carpets you choose for your home should of course be in harmony with the floor. If a light-coloured marble with grey-gold veins has been laid in the house, you can also choose carpets with intense colours that stand out and, at the same time, bring out the beauty and elegance of the marble.

If you have chosen a dark marble, in shades of brown or black, with white veins, it is advisable to choose a carpet with neutral tones that visually stand out from the floor. In this type of environment it is also possible to lay several carpets on top of each other. For example, a large beige carpet can be placed in the middle of the living room and a second, smaller carpet with a more elaborate design and intense colours can be placed on top.

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