The T-shaped rug: a guide to the correct choice

Jul 21.2022
The T-shaped rug: a guide to the correct choice

The T-shaped rug stands out due to its original, but not eccentric shape. This type of artefact proves successful in various places in the home that can be a challenge for interior designers. This is the case, for example, in the staircase area, corridors or entrance hall.

In general, a T-shaped carpet is an option to keep in mind whenever you need to furnish a narrow, elongated space and when you need to connect two adjoining spaces.

What are the advantages of a T-shaped rug?

A T-shaped carpet resembles the silhouette of a runner. It generally has a narrow, elongated structure and a smaller footprint than a classic rectangular rug. Due to its special shape, this type of artefact, as mentioned, is an excellent solution for visually connecting two neighbouring spaces.

A rather common use of T-shaped carpets is at the bottom. In these cases, the long side of the carpet will decorate the area parallel to the staircase, while the short side will create a sort of extension of the space, projecting towards the area opposite the staircase.

The T-shaped carpet is also often used in corridors, to mark the passage to a specific room in the house. Even in this situation, it is up to the short side of the carpet to indicate the direction to be taken.

In other cases, this type of carpet can be used to make different floors more aesthetically coherent. In such a situation, the carpet helps to reduce the gap between one floor and another. This role is more pronounced where there is a marked contrast between the floors. We are referring to a contrast in terms of the materials and colours used.

The T-shaped rug: a guide to the correct choice

Which spaces in the home are best furnished with a T-shaped rug?

A T-shaped carpet can be used successfully in different areas of the house. We have seen that the staircase and entrance area are where it is most common to find one. Such options are especially preferred in large villas that have a central staircase: in such a structure, the T-shaped carpet holds the area around the staircase together and connects it to the entrance.

Also in the kitchen, the T-shaped rug proves useful to decorate the floor and increase the functionality of the room. Especially in kitchens that run the length of a room or in those with an island or peninsula, carpets with this elongated shape can be valuable allies for interior designers.

The special features of this particular carpet can also be exploited in a large bathroom. The artefact can go to define a kind of wellness path, and connect the multifunctional shower, whirlpool bath or private spa area.

A T-shaped carpet can also be used to delimit the space of a large open-plan living room or loft. The elongated shape of the carpet marks the boundary of one area and marks the beginning of another. Using this expedient to separate spaces provides maximum flexibility: simply move the artefact to change the size of the different rooms.

The T-shaped rug: a guide to the correct choice

What to consider when choosing a T-shaped rug?

When choosing a T-shaped rug, the same considerations apply as for a standard-size carpet. First of all, the most suitable material for the space to be furnished must be defined. Wool is the most practical and versatile option, especially if the item is to be placed in busy rooms such as the kitchen, entrance hall or corridors. In these spaces of the home, ensuring safety is essential: for this reason, it is advisable to use an anti-slip mat, which has the function of preventing tripping and falling.

In high-traffic areas of the home, it is preferable to use a short-pile carpet with a rather compact structure. In addition to offering greater resistance, this type of carpet is also more stable and less prone to soiling.

In the bedroom or living area, a long pile T-carpet could be considered. How come? It’s easy to say: the soft, fluffy fibres of its pile will not only make the space more cosy, but also provide a pleasant feeling of well-being for those who come into contact with the carpet.

As far as design is concerned, it is a good idea to choose a model that matches the overall style you want to give your home. Two options to consider carefully are T-shaped carpets with geometric patterns, which are ideal for those who want to have carpets with a strong, yet understated personality, or contemporary art carpets, which are great for more modern rooms and where intense use of colour is made.

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