The softest rugs: what do they look like? How to incorporate them into an interior design project?

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softest rugs

Softest rugs  lend any room a unique touch of luxury and comfort, and their benefits are not only appreciable from an aesthetic point of view. The most important aspect to consider when considering the purchase of such an artefact is the material that has been used in its manufacture.

Besides influencing the actual softness of the final product, the material also determines its durability and possible uses. In this article we will understand why.

What materials should be considered for softest rugs ?

Generally speaking, soft rugs provide a soft and warm surface to walk on. One appreciates their qualities especially when walking on them barefoot. Often, the feeling of softness is also associated with that of warmth, and the combination of these two qualities of the artefact creates a cosy and sophisticated atmosphere within the room.

Various materials can be used to make the softest rugs. The best results are achieved with fibres of natural origin (, used alone or blended together.

Wool is the softest carpet fibre that can be used, although not all types of wool have the same level of softness. Aspects that influence the softness of wool include both the type of animal from which it is obtained and the area of origin and age of the animal. Among the softest wools are, for example, those of young camels and Angora rabbits.

Making textiles with this kind of fibre results in a luxurious, high-quality product that is also extremely durable and hard-wearing.

An alternative to softer wool rugs are cotton models. This fibre has always been used to produce rugs with a soft pile that are also practical and economical. Compared to wool, it is less expensive but more versatile and lighter. Soft cotton pieces can be used in many rooms in the home. Compared to softest rugs  made of wool fibres, they are much more suitable for busy rooms, such as the kitchen, living room and dining room.

Another material that makes for soft and luxurious rugs is silk, which is produced from silkworms or made from vegetable fibres such as bamboo. Thanks to their luxurious lustre, soft silk rugs go with any furnishing style and give the room a striking appearance.

How can softest rugs  be incorporated into the interior design of a home?

softest rugs

When considering how to furnish different rooms in the home, it should be kept in mind that softest rugs  are also delicate and require a certain amount of care. While it is true that these artefacts can make any space in a home cosy and comfortable, it is also true that carefully choosing the right rooms to place them in can make all the difference.

Softest rugs  are perfect, for example, to complement the furnishings in the bedroom. Here, placing a piece with a soft pile creates a location that is both cosy and warm. If you want to amplify the feeling of serenity and relaxation, you can then turn to those models that are offered in neutral colours or light, pastel shades.

Softest rugs  can also be a brilliant choice in the living room. In this room of the house, one can consider placing a long-pile carpet in the relaxation area. Such a pattern can give the room an invaluable feeling of warmth and can help to radically change the overall look of the surrounding space.

Which processing technique is ideal for softest rugs ?

softest rugs

The softness of rugs depends not only on the type of fibre used, but also on how it is processed. For example, many soft rugs, particularly long-pile and thick rugs, are made using the tufting technique, whereby tufts of long, soft fibres are attached to the base.

Another technique that produces very soft and equally luxurious rugs is classic hand-knotting. Through handknotting, the density of the knots can be adjusted, customised patterns can be created ( and, with the same fibre used, the final result can be made more or less soft. 

The choice between one or the other solution depends on the result you want to achieve, the desired level of softness and the type of ambience you want to create.

Generally speaking, when it comes to tufted pieces, softest rugs  are more suitable in a modern context, while hand-knotted rugs work well in any kind of space, whether home or commercial. The fact that the fibres are not fixed together makes tafted rugs softer but also more delicate than hand-knotted rugs, which are therefore more durable and more versatile.

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