What yarn to use for rug tufting?

Jul 21.2022
What yarn to use for rug tufting?

The choice of yarn is decisive, and is also decisive when it comes to tufted rugs. Unlike in the case of knotted or woven rugs, in tufted rugs the comfort and appearance of the product depends almost exclusively on the properties of the chosen yarn.

So, in today’s article, we are going to answer this specific question: which yarn to use for? In other words, we will provide some useful advice on the subject, as well as some indications on which spinning products to use to make a tufted rug in order to create a product that is both elegant and long-lasting.

How to choose the right yarn for a tufted rug?

The structure of the tufted rugs is much simpler than that of knotted or hand-woven rugs. There are in fact only two elements that make up a tufted rug: the base, which consists of a pile, onto which the fibres are subsequently fixed, forming the visible part of the rug. The yarn is attached to the base through the use of an automatic gun or a special needle.

Generally, thicker fibres are used to make a tafted rug than those used in knotted and woven rugs. On the cloth, tufts consisting of several threads are individually attached. This makes the workmanship much quicker and easier.

Having said this, it is clear that when one wishes to have a comfortable and practical tafted rug, one needs to choose soft and strong yarns. The choice between one fibre and another depends essentially on the intended use of the rug and the place in the house where the artefact will be placed.

Strong fibres are preferred when the rug will be placed in a busy room of the house. On the other hand, softness will be the priority when in less busy rooms. In addition to floor coverings, rug tufting can also be used as tapestries, to decorate one or more walls in the home. In this case, the most important criterion for choosing the right yarn will be the aesthetic appearance guaranteed by the chosen yarn.

What yarn to use for rug tufting?

What are the best yarns for tapestry rugs?

Which yarn various types of yarn can be used in the production of rug tufting, which differ in quality, strength and aesthetic appearance. In luxury rug tufting, the most commonly used yarn is wool. This material is valued both for its durability and quality.

Depending on the design, more or less valuable and sought-after wool can be used. The quality of the yarn will depend both on the type of animal from which the wool is obtained and the area of origin. Some of the best quality wools are those obtained from merino sheep, alpacas and cashmere goats.

A tafted wool rug can be used for decorative purposes, hanging on the wall, as well as for furnishing and protecting the floor. Thanks to the wear resistance of wool fibres, this type of rug is also an excellent solution for furnishing the busiest rooms in the house.

The use of a cotton yarn is equally popular. Compared to wool, cotton has a lower degree of resistance but greater versatility. Cotton is the most widely used material for tafted rugs made to decorate walls. It can also be used on floors, taking care to place it in a place in the house with little traffic.

In other cases, tufted rugs are made from mixed yarns. In luxury models, for example, a combination of wool and viscose is common. The former gives structure and firmness to the rug, while the latter gives a shiny, soft effect that is captivating to the eye and touch.

What yarn to use for rug tufting?

Some tips for choosing yarns for rug tufting

So, which yarn should be used for rug tufting? Choosing the right spinning product is really important, as it affects both the appearance of the tafted rug and its functionality. When weighing up the pros and cons of the various options available, the first consideration to make is the room of the house in which the rug is to be placed.

In the living area of the house and corridors, the choice is almost obligatory: given the high level of traffic, wool is the most suitable solution. In bedrooms, on the other hand, one can also turn to more delicate yarns, such as cotton or fibre blends.

The size of the rug should also be taken into due consideration when deciding which yarn to use for rug tufting. While the possibilities multiply for small-format rugs, as the size of the rug increases, the options become fewer. The larger the size of the rug, the greater the risk of signs of wear or colour loss. To avoid these kinds of problems, opting for a wool tufted rug is a winning idea.

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