How to make a luxury rug non-slip

Luxury rugs Sep 23.2021

How to make a luxury rug non-slip

Making a luxury rug non-slip is first and foremost a question of safety, because it avoids stumbling and the risk of falling, but it is also a question of aesthetics, because solutions that prevent the rug from slipping allow the fabric to be kept well stretched, even when it is in a busy area of the house.

What are the main reasons for a non-slip solution in your home?

Using a non-slip protection for your rug increases the comfort of those in the room and allows you to safely enjoy this elegant and valuable piece of home furniture. Reducing carpet slipperiness is essential when there are children and elderly people in the home, but more generally in the presence of people with unsafe walking habits or pets.

As a textile product, carpets have a natural tendency to move slightly when walked on and can lift up along the edges. For frail people, the risk of tripping and falling, including physical injury, is high. The areas of the house most at risk are the stairs and corridors, but also the bathroom and kitchen, where the presence of water and humidity increases the risk of slipping.

In addition to increasing safety, the non-slip materials used in combination with the carpet also preserve its durability. The increased stability of the carpet reduces wear and tear and allows you to enjoy its beauty for longer.

The many solutions available make it possible to make all kinds of carpets non-slip, from the oldest to contemporary luxury carpets, and are safe in all rooms of the house, indoors and outdoors, and even with underfloor heating.

How to make a luxury rug non-slip

How to make a luxury rug non-slip

There are essentially two types of measures that can be taken to reduce the slipperiness of a carpet. The most common solution is to use a non-slip mat of minimal thickness that is laid under the carpet. Alternatively, non-slip inserts can be fixed along the corners and edges of the carpet.

In the case of luxury carpets the best solution is the first one. Since we are talking about high-value products, sometimes made of delicate and precious materials such as silk, sewing non-slip material onto the back of the carpet may slightly damage the product, and if adhesive tapes are used, glue residues may remain.

An underlay made of non-slip material is the most convenient and versatile solution. It is very thin, can be easily cut to fit the size of the carpet and creates friction on the floor and carpet, making it stable and safe.

Simply lay the non-slip surface on the floor and roll out your carpet, taking care not to get any creases. Since the mat is not fixed, it can be lifted or moved at any time. The mat can be removed and washed as often as necessary. This solution is ideal in every room of the house and whatever the position of the carpet. It can be used on carpets that are under furniture or on carpets that are free of clutter.

What types of anti-slip protection to consider

An alternative to textile anti-slip mats are underlays made of silicone or even rubber. While these materials are effective in preventing you from slipping or tripping while walking on the carpet, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons.

In many cases, these mats are thicker than fabric mats and, when combined with an already thick carpet, can create a sort of aesthetically unpleasant step. In other cases these mats have a grid structure that may leave marks on the floor, particularly on delicate parquet or marble floors.

Smaller mats can be treated by attaching strips of anti-slip tape along the sides. There are both adhesive tapes and materials that can be sewn onto the carpet.

Whichever solution you decide to adopt, making a luxury carpet non-slip allows you to enjoy the beauty of the carpet’s design in a safe and comfortable way, as you will walk on the carpet more firmly and softly. And undoubtedly safer.

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