How to enhance luxury carpets with the right lighting

Jun 14.2021

How to enhance luxury carpets with the right lightingLight is probably the element that most influences the sensations and emotions we feel when we see a luxury carpet. In interior design projects, choosing the right lighting helps to reinforce the impact of the carpet in the decor of the room and to express the full potential of the home. But how can light be used to enhance contemporary luxury carpets and best emphasise their beauty?

The importance of studying light

The way a luxury carpet looks depends a lot on the amount and type of light in the room. Soft morning light, bright mid-day light and subtle sunset light can make the colours of a carpet appear brighter or darker and highlight or overshadow certain design details.

The study of light is a fundamental step in the design of the various rooms in the home. At this stage the exposure of the room and the amount of natural light reaching it must first be considered. Decisions about the position of carpets and, in some cases, their design and colours should be made taking into account how much light comes into the room during the day and what its intensity is.

Understanding the amount of natural light in the home at different times of the day and in different seasons is also key to deciding how much and which artificial lighting to install. While it is not advisable to place luxury carpets in direct sunlight, it is also advisable to illuminate them intensively with artificial lighting, especially when you want them to stand out from the furniture.

Protecting and enhancing carpets with the right lighting mix

In brightly lit rooms with large windows and skylights in the ceiling, there is always light until dusk. This type of room is ideal for making the most of very colourful carpets with vibrant colours. The natural light helps the colours in both wool and silk carpets to appear brighter and more intense.

In the long run, sunlight can be too aggressive and damage the surface of the carpet. To protect your luxury carpet and preserve its natural beauty for a long time, it is advisable not to expose it to the south and to limit direct exposure to the sun. If the size of the room and the furnishing choices allow it, it is advisable to place the carpet in a well-lit place but away from windows. Further help in protecting the carpet comes from the windows: choosing double or triple glazed models will help filter out some of the sun’s harmful rays that can spoil the colours of contemporary luxury carpets.

As far as artificial lighting is concerned, the choice between warm and cold light should be made taking into account the atmosphere you want to create in the room and the colour of the carpet. In a living room or lounge it is best to go for warm light, which will create a cosy and intimate atmosphere. In a study, cooler lighting helps to maintain concentration and stimulates productivity. This type of lighting is particularly good for bringing out darker carpets and cooler colours, from blue to green.

Which lamps should you choose to make your luxury carpets stand out?

Ideally, the structure of the lighting system should be designed according to the furniture in the room. Through the use of floor lamps, pendant lamps and ceiling lights, you can distribute the light points in the room exactly where they are needed.

For example, a large carpet in the middle of the living room can be given centre stage with a designer floor lamp that projects light exactly into the centre of the carpet. Alternatively, you can decide to install a large chandelier on the ceiling, in a classic or modern style depending on the style chosen for the furnishing of the house.

In order not to make mistakes and to make the most of the carpets, it is important to consider how the pattern will look in the room. If possible, you can do this test by getting a sample of the carpet to use for an evaluation of the design performance. Nodus offers you an even more precise alternative system to check how the carpet will fit into the room. With the Nodus AR system you can use the power of augmented reality to “try out” contemporary art carpets from the Nodus collection in the rooms of your home.

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