Hand knotted rugs for sale: how to choose the best model according to your furnishing needs?

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Hand knotted rugs for sale

Today’s article is dedicated to hand knotted rugs for sale on the international market. How to make the best choice for your furnishing project, room by room? Our guide will give you the best advice for your specific case.

Finding your way around the large number of hand knotted rugs for sale may not be easy. If you have no experience in this field, you may find it difficult to distinguish a high-quality artefact from a piece made of fibres that are only meant to last a few years, or to identify an original Oriental design and assess its value.

When it comes to choosing a hand-knotted carpet

 to decorate your home, there are many factors to take into account and they have to do with both the design and the inherent structure of the textile product. Let us understand more on this subject.

There are many hand knotted rugs for sale. How do you choose the right ones for your project?

The materials used and the knot density are among the most important factors to consider when analysing the various hand knotted rugs for sale on the market. From these two elements, you can get a fairly accurate idea of the quality and value of the product.

A carpet made from a fine, soft wool yarn is durable and comfortable and, if it is knotted tightly enough, will last for a long time. After all, knot density is a very important parameter in assessing the quality of traditional carpets. Which is? Generally speaking, the higher the number of knots per square metre, the higher the quality of the textile artefact.

Especially if we are talking about carpets from the East, it is also important to gather information about the area in which the carpet was processed. The area of production can influence its quality in several ways. For example, in addition to the type of material used, there may be different knots used in the processing. Or there may be different colour fastness over the years.

Before concluding the purchase of a hand-knotted carpet

, it is always advisable to make a careful visual analysis of the artefact. The presence of irregularities in the pattern, for example, is a positive aspect, as it testifies to the fact that the carpet has probably been produced in an artisanal manner. Discrepancies in the colouring of various parts of the artefact can also be indicative of workmanship by a skilled craftsman.

In order to successfully choose hand-knotted carpets for your home, it is necessary to assess what kind of product you need. In fact, the size, shape and design of the models can vary greatly, depending on the characteristics of the space to be furnished.

Hand knotted rugs for sale

What do you need to know about hand knotted rugs for sale?

Let us now focus our attention primarily on Oriental carpets. Patterns from the Orient make up the majority of hand knotted rugs for sale on the market. It is in fact in the East that this art form developed. And it is precisely there that the most beautiful and exclusive carpets are still produced today.

Within the range of hand-knotted Oriental carpets, it is possible to find antique or modern models. While the manufacturing process has remained practically unchanged for centuries, what may change are the colours used, the materials that make up the yarn and, above all, the patterns that are reproduced on the pile.

Antique carpets feature traditional decorative motifs, which are often an expression of the culture and folklore of the people who made them. Modern carpets, on the other hand, are more often oriented towards abstract designs or artistic subjects that are defined by individual designers.

Hand knotted rugs for sale

Why choose a hand-knotted modern carpet?

Hand-knotted modern carpets on the market are the most flexible solution when it comes to furnishing the home. These pieces are in fact handmade and made of high-quality materials, just like oriental carpets. However, unlike the latter, they have a greater variety of shapes and sizes available.

Furthermore, when moving towards modern hand-knotted carpets, one must consider that it is easier to obtain a custom-made model. Such a solution is perfect if the hand knotted rugs for sale do not meet your needs.

Any other furnishing tips? Hand-knotted rugs in a modern style can complement the furnishing of different rooms in the home. Large models are ideal in the living area, especially if an open-plan living area is to be furnished.

A set of hand-knotted pieces in different sizes and shapes could be an excellent solution for adding a touch of originality to bedroom furniture. A rug with an irregular shape and abstract design, on the other hand, is an ideal choice to decorate a living room that has been furnished in Scandinavian style.

When evaluating the purchase of the different models of hand knotted rugs for sale on the market, one should weigh up the pros and cons for each piece and check the ability of the individual item to meet the wishes of the homeowner and the needs that emerged when defining the interior design project.

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