How to stack luxury rugs without making mistakes

Jun 26.2021

How to stack luxury rugs without making mistakesOverlaying rugs is a trend that has taken off in modern interior design in recent years. The so-called layer-look has conquered interior designers, architects and furniture enthusiasts thanks to its versatility and ability to be customised. When you try your hand at layering luxury carpets, you can give free rein to your creativity and find smart solutions for furnishing your home.

A few simple rules for a textbook layer-look

It’s true that when it comes to layering luxury carpets, you can improvise and create unusual combinations of styles, shapes and materials, but it’s also true that it’s important to define some rules to follow. These principles help to create a harmonious and visually pleasing result.

When you choose to decorate a room using the layer-look technique, you can do this by layering carpets that are complementary to each other in some way, or by juxtaposing patterns that are in stark contrast. Complementarities and differences can be found in all elements of the carpet: in colour, shape, style or texture.

Incorporating overlapping carpets into your d├ęcor is a simple and effective way of giving character and personality to your rooms without having to resort to complex solutions. What’s more, this solution allows you to change the look of your room in a matter of minutes. Simply move the carpets around, change the combination chosen and overlap the patterns in a new way to find a new balance between the elements and refresh the overall look of the room.

What really makes the difference is finding a balance between the sizes and shades of the carpets. One of the most common patterns used by those who choose to decorate their homes with the layer-look technique is to use a large rectangular carpet in neutral tones, combined with smaller, rectangular carpets in a brighter colour. The combination of these two designs makes the smaller carpet stand out much more, making it the centre of attention.

You can also decide to centre the smaller carpet on the larger one, or place it to one side or in a corner of the carpet. The first solution is ideal if you want to make the carpet stand out and give the room a rigorous and tidy look, while the second idea is excellent for giving movement to the space and to create an original balance between the different elements that make up the furniture of the room.

Carpets with different textures can also be easily combined. Placing a long-pile carpet on top of a short-pile one brings out the thickness of the carpet, and the contrast between the appearance of the two patterns breaks up the monotony of the smooth surfaces, giving dynamism to the space.

If you want to lay carpets with geometric or abstract patterns on top of each other, for a harmonious result you can choose carpets with the same pattern but in different colours or make sure that the patterns are compatible with each other and that their overlapping is harmonious and balanced.

As for the colours of the carpets, in addition to choosing a light colour for the carpet at the base and brighter colours for the carpets above, you can also choose different scaled tones of the same colour or lay carpets of very different colours on top of each other.

A balance between the sizes and shapes of the products

The success of furnishing with luxury pile carpets depends on the balance between the shapes, sizes and positions of the carpets. The layer-look is a good strategy to fill the furniture of a very large room without resorting to large carpets. Using two or three different sized carpets on top of each other fills the eye and gives continuity to the chosen decorating style.

Nordic-style carpets with very simple designs lend themselves perfectly to overlapping, but more elaborately designed carpets can also produce stunning results. Berber patterns, for example, can be combined with Turkish carpets, especially when furnishing a home in an ethnic style.

Overlapping luxury carpets, even creating unusual combinations, and using perpendicular, parallel or diagonal lines, helps to express one’s style to the full. But it also helps to make the home an even warmer environment that reflects the tastes of its inhabitants.

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