How to choose a trendy rug for your home

Design Feb 10.2021

how to choose a trendy rug

It’s not enough to choose just any trendy rug to be sure of hitting the mark. The trendiest patterns and styles of the moment can certainly add value to rooms in your home, but you should always consider how they fit in with the rest of the environment, starting with the colours and ending with the brightness of the room.

And then: are you simply looking for the carpet of the moment or do you want a product that will acquire value over time?

Trendy styles and colours: what to look out for?

The latest trends see modern carpets as the main protagonists of interior design. With unusual shapes, soft or bright colours, inspired by traditional designs or with original and unconventional patterns, these carpets testify to the Designers’ continuous search for innovative solutions. Solutions that can meet the interests of those who love carpets with a certain impact. 

When choosing a trendy modern carpet, it is important to make sure that the colours and style of the piece are in harmony with the colour of the walls, the type of floor or the style of the furniture. If this harmony is lacking, you can think about doing a few small things to find it. A simple but effective solution is to replace the curtains and cushions, choosing models with colours and designs more similar to those of the carpet. Changing the colour of the walls can also be an idea to renew the room without too much effort. 

Choosing a rug in the trendy colours of the year is also a way to give a time stamp to your décor. Every year, for example, Pantone chooses the colour of the year, the shade that experts believe will most influence design, fashion and the creative arts in general. Choosing a trendy carpet for your home that includes the colour of the year is an original way to characterize your furniture choices.

The role of the carpet in room design

The carpet is a piece of furniture that can become the focal point of a room. For this to be the case, it is necessary that the choice falls on a carpet that can really enhance the environment in which it is placed. Depending on the case, a trendy carpet can be chosen to brighten up the room or to warm up the atmosphere.

If in the first case, carpets in neutral colours or bright colours such as yellow or orange work very well, in the second case you can put all your eggs in one basket: a wool carpet, perhaps with a long pile. Shaggy carpets are very much in vogue because of their ability to create a warm and cosy atmosphere and to suit both contemporary and traditional interior styles.

The brightness of the room is an important consideration when considering the purchase of a trendy carpet. The final choice may differ between a well-lit room and one that receives less natural light. The balance between natural and artificial light should also be considered, to make sure that the light is adequate, having the carpet stand out at all times of the day.

As well as decorating, the carpet can also be used to protect a particularly valuable floor. In this case, it is of primary importance that the carpet is delicate and that the combination of floor and carpet is impeccable. 

Finding the right size

While design is the most important element in choosing a trendy carpet for your home, it is no less important to choose a carpet with the right size. 

Designers’ creations make it possible to find the right carpet for every corner of the house. Smaller rugs can be used in entrance areas or hallways, while unusually shaped carpets are ideal for decorating the busiest areas of the house. 

One trend that has become particularly popular in recent years is the use of overlapping carpets. This is an idea that can be used especially to furnish a living room or an open space. Carpets with different styles and finishes can easily be placed side by side, creating a visually striking and highly original result. The possibilities are practically endless: you can place a large rectangular plain carpet on the floor and then place a couple of round coloured carpets on top of it, if the aim is to give a coloured accent. Or place an abstract-shaped carpet in the middle if you want to play with lines and geometry. 

A trendy carpet can make the home environment even more cosy and familiar. The starting point for choosing the perfect model is the feeling you want to convey and the character you want to give the room. Lastly, it is also a good idea to choose a rug that can appreciate over time, for example by choosing a rug that represents a true work of contemporary art. This is what Nodus, for example, offers through its collections.

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