How can luxury rugs with different shapes be combined?

Luxury rugs Oct 14.2021

How can luxury rugs with different shapes be combined?

In order to add personality to the rooms in your home or, more simply, to create a d├ęcor that precisely reflects the tastes and preferences of the people who live there, placing and combining different shaped carpets side by side is a simple and effective idea. The secret to a successful solution is to find a good balance between the carpet models. And also a good balance between the carpets and the space to be furnished.

How to combine luxury carpets with different shapes

When you choose to integrate rugs of different shapes, you can follow two paths: you can see the space as a whole, to be furnished with the layer look technique, or you can identify several areas within the room, each to be furnished with its own rug. This second solution allows a freer composition, because it presents fewer constraints and allows you to position the carpets in many ways, even ignoring the rules of symmetry. Whether you choose to stack the carpets or place them loosely, it is essential to select carpet patterns that work well together.

The possible combinations are endless: you can go ahead and place carpets with similar styles or colours side by side, or you can emphasise the contrast between carpets with different textures and styles. Between these two extremes there are hundreds if not thousands of possible nuances, and new ones can always be created by simply changing one of the variables involved. Textures, materials, styles and colours create a kaleidoscope of ideas, in the midst of which it is easy to find the perfect one for your home.

How can luxury rugs with different shapes be combined?

When it makes sense to use several different carpet shapes

The use of several luxury carpets, juxtaposing models of different shapes, helps to exploit the many qualities of these important furniture players and, at the same time, uniquely decorate your living space. The presence of several carpets is particularly recommended when furnishing large spaces, whether it be a large living room or an open space.

In larger rooms in the house, carpets can help to delimit different areas. In a living room, for example, a carpet can be placed under the table, another near the sofa and a third near the armchairs. For each of these areas a different shaped carpet can be chosen: a rectangular one for the table, an irregular one to liven up the relaxation area and a circular one to emphasise the armchairs. The choice of shape should be made with the end result in mind. Circular carpets, for example, convey dynamism, while a carpet with a particular shape attracts attention.

When it comes to furnishing a smaller space, the idea of using several carpets at the same time does not necessarily have to be abandoned. Carpets can be placed in the space, overlapping or not, but make sure that the space is not overloaded.

How can luxury rugs with different shapes be combined?

How to combine shapes, textures and colours for a surprising result

As well as considering the balance between the different shapes, you should also consider the colours you choose for your carpets, their style and texture.

If you like linear solutions, you might choose one carpet model that comes in many different shapes. If the aim is to create an elegant and minimalist living room, one could opt for luxury carpets in white wool. On the other hand, those who love the traditional style can indulge in the many possibilities offered by Persian carpets.

In most cases, however, a combination of different textures and colours is the best way to achieve a wow factor.

The evaluation of textures is especially important if you choose to go down the overlapping route. In this case, placing a large, thin, short-pile rectangular rug at the base and laying a long-pile or high-pile round or abstract pattern on top creates a good harmony. This harmony should be further enhanced by the choice of appropriate furniture.

Textures and colours can also be daring when the carpets are far apart. Such a solution is ideal in homes furnished in a boho-chic style or for those who like an eclectic style. The combination of luxury carpets in different shapes and styles can also work very well when furnishing adjoining spaces such as the living room and hallway. Or adjoining spaces such as the entrance area and the living room.

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