The Heriz rug: what is it? Why choose this rug for your home?

Design Oct 24.2021

The Heriz rug: what is it? Why choose this rug for your home?

The Heriz rug is, together with the Tabriz rug, one of the best-known and most popular varieties of Persian carpet. The two carpet models were born and developed within a few kilometres of each other, although they differ in many respects.

The Heriz rug is especially popular for its intense colours and distinctive tribal patterns, which make for beautiful colour patterns.

What makes Heriz rugs unique and inimitable

Carpets known as Heriz are made in the region of the same name in northern Iran, near the border with Azerbaijan. This area is less than 100 km from the city of Tabriz, another important centre for the production of precious Persian carpets.

Despite the proximity of the two areas, Heriz rugs are made using different designs and processing techniques than Tabriz carpets and almost all other Persian carpets. The symmetrical Turkish knot is used in Heriz carpets instead of the characteristic asymmetrical Persian knot.

What also makes Heriz carpets special is the high quality of the materials used to make them. Durable cotton fibres are used for the warp, while the weft is created using wool fibres from the surrounding regions. Compared to other wools, wool from the area around the Heriz region is particularly strong and durable. According to some theories, this exceptional strength of the wool is due to the presence of large deposits of copper in the area. The copper, dissolved in the water the sheep drink, makes the hair more resistant. This is a suggestive hypothesis, but one that has some credence in the production area.

In any case, thanks to the use of these special wool fibres, the Heriz carpet is extraordinarily durable and very firm. Rather thin fibres are used in the knotting process, which allows for a high knot density, usually between 60,000 and 250,000 knots per square metre.

The typical designs of the Heriz pattern are immediately recognisable because the craftsmen who made the ancient patterns used stylised lines, not curvilinear designs. Flowers, decorative motifs and tribal symbols are represented with straight, square lines, which together give the carpet its characteristic appearance.

The Heriz rug: what is it? Why choose this rug for your home?

Typical patterns and colours of Heriz rugs

One of the most common motifs in this style is a large central medallion, usually rhomboid or rectangular in shape, surrounded by decorative elements often consisting of leaves and flowers. Another typical pattern is formed by various decorative elements distributed along the central field of the carpet. These elements are enhanced by the presence of an outer frame.

In addition to the accuracy and beauty of the designs, Heriz carpets are also appreciated for their intense colours. In the more traditional decorative motifs, the dominant colours are red and blue, in various shades, with accents of yellow, green and ivory.

The Heriz rug: what is it? Why choose this rug for your home?

How to incorporate Heriz carpets into your home d├ęcor

Antique Heriz carpets are large in size, ranging from 2 to 4 metres per side. This makes them ideal for large spaces such as a living room or hall. Because of their durability and ability to absorb noise, Heriz carpets are also perfect for furnishing rooms in the home that are subject to heavy traffic, such as the entrance area, or areas where you want to create a relaxing and intimate atmosphere. Here we are talking about, for example, embellishing a study.

Given its size and elaborate design, it is advisable to furnish the room starting with the carpet. Once you have chosen the perfect Heriz pattern for the space you wish to furnish, you can complete the project by choosing furniture and accessories that ensure a harmonious result. The natural, timeless elegance of the Heriz rug works well with a variety of materials, from wood and marble to natural stone and other metals such as brass or steel. The warm colours used for the carpet blend perfectly with the natural tones of the wood and the palettes inspired by the colours of the earth and nature.

Choosing Heriz rugs for your home means giving your living space a luxurious and refined look. While the emphasis in the living area is mainly on the design of the carpet and its durability, the emphasis in the sleeping area is more on the warm and forgiving atmosphere that Heriz carpets create.

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