The custom-made rug for a luxury clothing shop

custom rugs Nov 01.2021

The custom-made rug for a luxury clothing shop

A custom-made rug can be the difference between a simple boutique and a high-end luxury clothing shop. The care with which the handmade bespoke rugs are designed and produced is an aspect that reflects the sophistication of the collections on offer. It is also an aspect that shows care for the public.

How to choose a custom-made luxury rug for a clothing shop

The ideal luxury rug for a clothing shop must be consistent with the style of the boutique. At the same time, it must be functional for the location.

Within a shop, the functionality of the rug can be different depending on the space in which the rug is placed, and depending on the type of offer that is being made to the public. Rugs placed in the fitting room area, for example, will be functional if they have a soft texture. In contrast to this, for pieces in the entrance area it will be necessary to focus more on their ability to resist stains and moisture.

In any case, a made-to-measure rug for a luxury clothing shop has the task of enriching and welcoming the environment. The design of the pattern should enhance the goods presented. At the same time, the structure of the rug must be durable, but also safe for those walking on it.

For rugs to be laid in a shop, it is preferable to use wool, which is warm and durable. Other characteristics of the rug that should be carefully considered are compactness and stability. Choosing a rug with a high knot density allows you to enjoy the beauty of the product and be sure that it will last a long time, even if it is placed in the busiest areas of the boutique. We are referring, for example, to the entrance or areas where there are counters or display islands.

Non-slip solutions are also important to ensure customer safety. Fixing the rug to the floor, preventing corners and edges from rising as customers and sales staff pass by, is essential to prevent falls or loss of balance

The custom-made rug for a luxury clothing shop

The advantages of a custom-made rug for a high-end furniture shop

When we talk about luxury furniture shops, we are referring to boutiques that offer valuable clothes and accessories. The clientele that frequents such shops is usually design-conscious and a lover of beauty and art.

Welcoming customers into a space furnished with a custom-made luxury rug means showing just as much sensitivity towards beauty and interior design. A rug designed specifically for the shop furnishes the space in an ideal way. This is true because a made-to-measure product takes into account the size of the room, its brightness and the way the products on sale are displayed.

A custom-made rug is a completely personalised product. It is customised in terms of size, defined according to the dimensions of the boutique. It is also, and above all, customised in terms of style, which must be carefully defined when designing the point of sale.

Choosing a custom-made rug for a clothing boutique

One of the most important aspects to consider when designing the shop, and consequently when choosing the type of rug to put in the boutique, is how the products will be displayed.

In order to create a sophisticated and classy ambience, it is important that the position of the rugs is consistent with the way the clothes and accessories for sale are displayed. If you choose a wall layout, with products divided by colour shade, collection or brand, you could opt for one large rug to be placed in the centre of the space. You could also opt for a series of rugs to visually delimit the various display areas.

The structure of the shop also influences the choice of rug pattern. An open-plan shop leaves a great deal of freedom, allowing rugs of various shapes and sizes to be placed. In contrast to this, a shop consisting of rooms of different sizes has more constraints to take into account.

The ability to customise every aspect of the design allows for bespoke rugs that best reflect the style and characteristics of the luxury clothing shop. From the brand colours to the look of the rug, everything has to be designed around the characteristics of the shop, the floor and the lighting. This is the only way to get the design right.

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