The custom-made rug for a bank: how to choose?

custom rugs Oct 10.2021

The custom-made rug for a bank: how to choose?

Rug is an important element in the furnishing of a bank office. Choosing a custom-made carpet for a bank means showing attention to customers and reinforcing the positive perception of the brand. The customisation of the models makes it possible to create personalised carpets in every aspect, from the size to the design, without forgetting the importance of materials and colours.

What is the ideal high-quality carpet for a bank?

When planning the furnishing of a bank’s offices, it is necessary to take into account both the role the bank plays within the company and the characteristics of its clients. The furnishing of an investment bank, for example, should particularly emphasise the elegance and sophistication of the environment.

Generally speaking, the furnishing of offices should be elegant and functional, so as to create spaces in which clients feel welcome and which stimulate their confidence. Light colours and neutral tones should be preferred for walls, while furniture design can vary according to the general style of the brand.

In a bank with a traditional feel it will be natural to find solid wood furniture, whereas a more modern and forward-looking bank is likely to have furniture with smooth, polished surfaces and metal elements.

The interior design must be defined on the basis of the needs of both employees and customers. Employees should be offered a functional and comfortable working space, while customers should be offered competence, attention and refinement.

The custom-made rug for a bank: how to choose?

The role of luxury carpets in bank furnishing

More than other furnishing elements, luxury carpets are crucial to the success of a project. The carpet is often the first detail that bank customers come into contact with and, together with the sign and windows, it helps to create the first impression of the bank in the minds of customers.

For the outdoor area or entrance, it is important to choose a custom-made carpet in the brand colours and with the bank’s logo. Unlike a neutral carpet, a customised model gives an immediate impression of professionalism and indirectly is a promotional vehicle for the bank’s business.

In the offices and other interior spaces of the building it is important that the carpets are in continuity and harmony with those chosen for the entrance area. Harmony should be sought in both style and colour. In order not to overload the environment too much you can decide, for example, to place only one carpet with the bank logo at the entrance and then decorate the other rooms with a carpet with a more essential design that recalls the colours of the brand.

Choosing a bespoke luxury rug allows you to have full control over every aspect of the design and be certain that the rug you choose will fit ideally into any space, from the corridors to the manager’s office.

The importance of furnishing your bank with custom-made carpets

We have already mentioned that the carpet is in many cases the customers’ first point of contact with the bank. Showing a custom-made luxury carpet means presenting yourself in an original way and standing out from all the others. The carpet is as unique as the bank the customer is about to set foot in. Bespoke carpets therefore help to create or reinforce a brand image and position the bank precisely in the minds of customers.

In addition to these aspects, which are already sufficient to understand the necessity of furnishing a bank with custom-made carpets, there are all the more practical and functional issues related to the presence of carpets in the environment.

First of all, carpets protect the floor and help to keep the interior cleaner and tidier. The carpet fibres retain dust, moisture and dirt that may come in from outside and help to keep the rest of the floor clean for longer. High-quality carpets also help to protect floors. This is especially important when dealing with delicate materials or in historic buildings with original old floors.

There is also a safety issue that should not be underestimated. Especially if you are in a humid location or where rain or snow falls frequently, placing a non-slip luxury carpet at the entrance to the bank prevents customers from slipping or tripping.

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