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custom rugs Jul 20.2022
Custom-made Area Rugs

Redecorating your home can be extremely difficult, especially if you are unable to find what you are looking for. If you are one for an artistic touch rather than going for the plain old boring ones, then this can turn into a nightmare for you.

However, not anymore! Now you can get precisely what you have imagined and want for your home. Nodus designs incredibly stylish and high-quality custom-made rugs that will add the perfect pop of color to your room. Their area rugs are made to order exactly as you want them to be.

Interior designers can find and create rugs precisely as they want. With a custom area rug, you can get an accent piece that goes perfectly with your furniture like no other rug.

Why Do You Need Custom-made area Rugs?

With so many different designs available in the market, indeed you will find something for yourself, right? No. Even though there are a plethora of pre-made rugs on the market, you will still find something that is not in line with your vision. At Nodus, we do not believe you should compromise your vision and what you want.

Customized Rugs are an excellent way for anyone to display their creativity and style. Here are a few reasons why you should get custom-made area rugs:

Finding the Perfect Fit

You might find a rug that is precisely what you want, but it may not be the right size. Nothing is more heartbreaking than finding the perfect Rug and then not having it in the size you want.

Show Your Style

Interior design is a great way to show your style and add a pop of your own flavor. What better way to do it than creating a rug from your vision.

The Right Texture

Rugs are majorly for aesthetics, but how cool it is if you can get comfort with style. With custom-made area rugs, you can choose the texture and the material, so your Rug is not just easy on the eyes but also easy on the feet with a plush design.

How to Style Your Home with Area Rugs

Incorporate Some Color and Design

What better way to change your room’s appearance than with a single statement piece. When placed correctly, a single area rug can change the room’s vibe. Rather than redecorating a whole room, you can simply invest in a rug. You can add a pop of color with a rug to an otherwise muted room when there is a holiday season or a gathering and then later pack it away when the event is over. There are incredible artistic rugs at Nodus that will give create an entirely new look for your room. Such statement and creative rugs can be used as centerpieces for a living room.

Excellent for Multi-purpose Rooms

Area rugs play a significant role in defining the space and interior of your room. Interior designers can effectively rugs to create new spaces or change how a single room can be used. This is especially useful in terms of multi-purpose rooms. Adding a single rug can make a lounging space inside a bedroom or a sweet reading corner in the living room. Multiple rugs of similar style can be used as space separators. This is where customized rugs can come into play. You can order a single design rug in multiple sizes to be used as space separators in a room.

Some Tips to Choose the Perfect Style and Design for Your Custom-Made Area Rugs

Area rugs are an excellent financial and design-wise investment. Sometimes it is the small things that change how the bigger picture looks. Area rugs add a bit of personality to the room and also contribute a little to the style. They are instrumental in setting the room’s tone to unify the décor and create a whole theme.

However, custom area rugs might make a little dent in your pocket, so it is essential to pay careful attention to how to select the design, type, and colors for your Rug.

Let us assist you in how to customize a rug that complements your interior.

Selecting the Style

While selecting the style for the Rug, make sure it harmonizes the furniture and furniture of the room. This does not mean that the design and colors should match everything in the room. The rug design should create an aesthetic look and blend well with the room’s theme and style. The Rug’s colors and tones can be decided by how often you like to update the room’s interior. You may want something flashy or brighter colors if you do it seasonally with each holiday season. On the flip side, you may also opt for a classic and elegant style if you are less likely to change interior seasonally.

The texture of the Rug

The texture and the material of the Rug heavily depend upon the lifestyle you lead and the maintenance you can manage. If pets or toddlers around the house frequent the room you want to place the Rug in, then a silk rug may not be the ideal choice. However, if it’s a bachelor pad or adults around the house, then you may go for the finer rugs.

Apart from that, the maintenance required by a rug will also be dependent on the material of the Rug. So, keep the type of maintenance you prefer in mind while selecting a rug.

Placement and Size

While customizing your area rug, keep in mind the placement of the Rug and how you want to style the room with it. If you are looking to place a rug in a cozy corner or a casual den, then a plain or classic design with a small to medium size would do. But if you want a statement centerpiece rug, then you would like a large rug with a unique design that would create a more appealing look.

Good News for Interior Designers and Architects

Custom-made area rugs are an excellent way for interior designers and architects to showcase their ideas and style. They are experts in what should go with what, and finding the perfect area rug for whatever home or room they design will level up their work.

Why should they settle for sub-par area rugs that deviate a little from what they are looking for? With customized area rugs, they can get precisely what the interior needs, be it minimalist, be it funky, or just a printed classic.

Customizing rugs will also help them impress their clients with their attention to detail and how invested they are in the process of interior decorating. Clients are always looking for a design that is specific to their personal style. Custom-made area rugs are a great way to do that. Designers can look for textures that will fit the house’s vibe and style. Once all significant pieces of furniture like sofas, chairs, and tables are done, a rug can add an extra pop of whatever you need.

If designers are looking to showcase their creativity and style, then custom-made area rugs are a must for every room if possible. Each room is unique for each home, depending on its people. Rugs often are places of conversation, so the size, texture, and design are significant to how and where they are placed.

If designers and architects want to add extra value to their work, then a custom-designed rug can do that for them. With a little bit of extra effort, they can create a place perfect for their clients.

Why Choose Nodus?

Nodus offers a very diverse and artistic range of rug designs that are hard to find anywhere else. Each design is carefully crafted to bring the customer’s vision to life. Other than just offering pre-designed rugs, Nodus offers a Bespoke Customization.

This process allows people to choose their own styles, materials, and colors to create a personalized area rug. Nodus has a range of professionals and experts who will guide you through the process. Suggesting some ideas and tweaks will help you find what is right for you. The customer still has complete creative command and will be able to check out the sample before the Rug is made.

The whole method of rug customization is an experience Nodus offers its clients. You will be treated as an integral part of the process because we value your ideas.

Wrap Up

Getting custom-made area rugs for your home is the perfect way to celebrate the beginnings of a new chapter. You can design it however you want or mark it with something unique with sentimental importance.

Ordinary rugs will always be just ones; however, your customized Rug will have a piece of you. These area rugs made to order are just the personalized touch your place needs.

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