Custom circle rugs: how to choose them? How to arrange them in the home to make them stand out?

custom rugs Aug 27.2022
Custom circle rugs

Custom circle rugs are a great idea when you want to add some movement to an interior design project. Indeed, the soft, sinuous lines of round rugs convey fluidity and are perfect for softening the presence of straight-lined furniture and imposing furnishings.

With a made-to-measure project, finding the right combination of colours and materials, one can thus create a relaxing and cosy ambience that emphasises the refinement of the domestic space.

Which spaces in the home should be furnished with a custom-made round rug?

There are many spaces that can benefit from the presence of Custom circle rugs. This specific solution also proves to be perfect for refreshing and renewing home furnishings without disrupting the space. Replacing old carpets with custom-made round models in fact helps to give character to different rooms and give them a more exclusive and artistic look.

The entrance area is one of the most suitable in this sense. Furnishing the entrance area is a real challenge for interior designers, especially when dealing with a large space or the area at the foot of the stairs. In all these situations, a custom-made round rug decorates the space, provides an accent of colour and creates a cosy atmosphere that immediately catches the attention of those entering the home.

Custom circle rugs can also be used in the furnishing of the living area. Depending on the decoration chosen, the carpet can be used to highlight a piece of furniture or a particular corner of the room or to delimit a specific area.

Finally, in the bedroom, customised round rugs help to create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. Placed on the sides of the bed, in combination with bedside tables, or placed in the middle of the room, to embrace the entire area occupied by the bed, these models warm the room and are comfortable to use.

What are the advantages of custom circle rugs?

Interior design experts often suggest the choice of a round carpet when furnishing a small room or when there is a lot of furniture. This is because the round shape of the carpet creates a kind of optical illusion, which makes the home appear larger and more spacious.

The soft lines of round carpets are also perfect to complement modern and contemporary furniture. In these furnishing styles, as in the industrial or Nordic style, furniture with clean lines and square shapes is used. Therefore, placing a round-shaped carpet in the room balances the rigour of the furniture and softens the atmosphere.

Those who love round carpets also appreciate their luxurious appearance and exclusivity. Both small and larger models immediately catch the eye and stand out in the middle of the room, emphasising the elegance of the furnishing choices.

In open-plan rooms, choosing a custom-made rug with a round shape also proves to be an excellent solution for separating the various areas of the room and giving them a distinctive appearance. The special shape of these items helps to give fluidity to spaces and create a sense of airiness, from which even small, dimly lit rooms benefit.

Custom circle rugs

What are the ideal characteristics for custom circle rugs?

When furnishing with a luxury carpet, the general rule suggests choosing a model that has the same shape as the room. This is a rule that works quite well in most cases, but can be transgressed without much trouble. And this is especially true when you want to furnish with custom circle rugs.

The success of a furnishing project, in fact, lies not so much in the strict observance of the rules, but rather in the construction of a harmonious and balanced interior design.

So how do you choose a custom-made round rug? The most important decisions to be made concern the choice of material and design to be given to the pile of the carpet. Short pile wool patterns are the most versatile and practical, but natural fibre and long pile patterns are also good options to consider. As for design, floral patterns and oriental motifs are always good alternatives to give a room freshness and colour. Those who prefer a simpler, more contemporary style, on the other hand, can move towards palettes in neutral or pastel shades. Alternatively, the choice can also lean towards designer carpets that look like true works of contemporary art, to be proudly displayed in one’s home. 

Whatever features you select, when you have chosen to furnish your home with custom-made round carpets, it is essential to ensure that their presence in the room stands out appropriately. To this end, it is a good idea to combine the individual rug with other elements or accessories that are also round in shape, such as side tables, bedside tables or decorations.

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