How to choose the right size of a luxury rug

Luxury rugs Jun 06.2021

How to choose the right size of a luxury rugChoosing the right size of a luxury rug is just as important as choosing its design. A carpet of the ideal size in relation to the room allows the environment to be harmonious and balanced, and to find the ideal configuration of the various furniture components.

There is no such thing as the perfect size for every room. The right rug should be chosen taking into account the size of the room, its shape and the overall décor. Keeping in mind the furnishing objectives and the desired arrangement of furniture is a great help in finding the perfect carpet and not making mistakes.

Carpet sizes in living areas

In the living room and lounge, the carpet is usually combined with the sofa or table. When deciding on the size of your carpet, you should start with the size of the furniture in the room. It is important to maintain a certain proportion between the different elements, so that the carpet is not overshadowed or, on the contrary, is too large and stands out from the rest.

The carpet to be placed in the living room should be about 20 centimetres longer than the sofa, so that the sofa can be placed on the carpet. If you opt for a small sofa, with two or three seats, you can choose a smaller carpet and you can arrange the sofa in such a way that only the front legs rest on the carpet. Depending on the furnishing choices, the carpet can be placed in the centre of the room or close to a wall. In the latter case, it is best to leave a margin of approximately 60 centimetres between the carpet and the wall.

A similar reasoning can be made for carpets to be placed under the table in the living room. In this room of the house it must be ensured that the carpet covers the entire space occupied by the table and chairs, even when they are moved away from the table.

For the living room it is preferable to choose short-pile, rectangular carpets so that they do not get in the way of the chairs. To maintain the overall harmony of the room, it is equally important to choose a carpet that has the same shape as the table. A classic rectangular table will be enhanced by the choice of a rectangular rug, even made to measure, while a round or oval table will be enhanced by a rug of the same shape.

If you want to give your home an original touch, you can also choose rugs with an irregular shape or combine several rugs of different shapes and sizes. In these cases, it is important to follow the general rule of thumb mentioned earlier and to observe the right proportions and distances between furniture and carpets.

The size of carpets in the bedroom

When it comes to choosing carpets for the sleeping area, it is important to firstly consider the size of the room and secondly the type of room. The choice will be different for a large master bedroom, a guest room or a son or daughter’s room.

If the bedroom is large enough, you can choose a carpet that covers the entire area occupied by the bed and bedside tables. The ideal size also includes a free border of about 20 centimetres at the sides. The carpet can also be used to make a precise stylistic choice and only enhance the bed. In this case, a smaller carpet can be chosen, to be placed under the bed, without involving the bedside tables. Those who want to focus on an original style without being constrained by the presence of a single large carpet can choose to furnish the bedroom with bedside rugs and runners, to be placed at the sides and at the foot of the bed.

This choice allows not only to exploit even the narrowest spaces, but also to create an intriguing play of colours and graphics, in case you choose carpets in complementary colours or in a palette constructed with art.

The size of carpets in corridors

The hallways of your home can be made unique with the right luxury carpets. For the entrance area, a round or crescent-shaped carpet can be chosen if the size allows.

When calculating the right size carpet for the entrance or hallway area, make sure that there is enough space to open and close the doors and that the carpet leaves at least 20-30 centimetres of floor uncovered at the sides. As for the style, you can choose one long and narrow carpet or you can choose several carpets that can be combined.

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