How to choose the right luxury rugs for a country house

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How to choose the right luxury rugs for a country house
Whether chosen as a main residence by those who decide to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and embrace the tranquillity and slow pace of the countryside, or as a holiday home to retreat to when the opportunity arises, country houses are once again becoming the focus of interior design. With their rustic and traditional feel, they are among the types of homes that can be best enhanced by the right choice of carpets.

Country houses and cottages, between rustic and minimalist furniture

When we talk about a country house, we usually refer to large houses surrounded by greenery. They are usually built with poor materials, with a predominance of stone and wood, and structured on several floors. After careful renovation, today’s country houses, which in the past were family micro-farms and included a stable, a warehouse and domestic spaces, are presented as luxurious environments but capable of maintaining the welcoming and familiar atmosphere of the past.

The same applies to cottages, the small country houses typical of British tradition. Here the protagonists are the exposed bricks, used both for the external structure of the house and for the masonry elements inside, especially in the kitchen.

While the furnishings of country cottages in the Mediterranean area often focus on rustic and traditional styles, with the frequent use of period or vintage objects or the presence of objects made from recycled materials, English cottages predominate a more minimalist style with romantic features, characterised by light and pastel colours and the combined use of light wood and iron elements. Another constant in the interior design of English cottages is the presence of plants and flowers, which embellish the rooms and demonstrate the link with nature.

How to choose carpets for furnishing a country house

Persian carpets are ideal for furnishing traditional country houses. The warmth provided by the use of wool emphasises the more intimate and cosy aspects of this type of home, while the elaborate design and use of strong colours such as red, gold and brown enhance the tones of stone, wood and metal used for the furniture and structure.

Carpets in neutral colours or pastel shades are the best choice for British-style cottages or country houses where a minimalist style of furniture has been chosen. Choosing light carpets is also a good idea to increase the brightness of rooms that receive little natural light, or to balance out the presence of large and conspicuous dark wooden beams on the ceiling.

In addition to these general indications, when choosing luxury carpets for a country house, the specific characteristics of the individual rooms must also be taken into account. In this type of home, the living room is the most important room, the space around which the whole family lives. The perfect carpet for this room of the house is a hardwearing model, with a design that is able to mask any stains and with decorations and colours that are in harmony with the overall decor of the house. A floral pattern, for example, is a perfect match for the rustic, country ambience of the place, but a geometric pattern can also be perfectly integrated into this area of the house.

In large country houses with a large living room, the potential of carpets can be used to create a cosy and exclusive ambience. A terracotta floor can be enhanced by a large, light-coloured carpet, while an old wooden floor can also be combined with multicoloured, originally designed carpets.

Carpets for bedrooms have a dual function: on the one hand, they are meant to promote a sense of well-being and relaxation, and on the other hand, they should provide warmth and comfort. A large, long pile wool carpet, on which to place the bed, may be the best choice for the master bedroom. For the other bedrooms, different choices can be made, such as narrow and long bedside rugs or a round or irregularly shaped rug at the foot of the bed – an ideal choice especially if you want to give a modern touch to an environment steeped in history and tradition.

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