Italo Rota & Alessandro Pedretti

Italo Rota and Alessandro Pedretti carry out their design work in the fields of town planning, architecture, interior design and design, always expressing themselves in the search for new perceptive languages and “accumulations” of meanings.The works range in subject, scale and type, maintaining a level of relationship with the user that goes beyond the relationship of pure visual perception but establishing relations of intense “design sensoriality” due to the specialisation acquired over the years in art installations, installations, events, scenes, temporary structures and in particular projects set in public spaces and architecture of high historical and artistic value in Italy and the rest of the world.Works that cross the boundary between architecture and art, creating impressions of multidimensionality, movement, changing colours, fusion of spaces that appear incredibly alive and full of life.

CARPETS BY Italo Rota & Alessandro Pedretti