Clémentine Chambon

Clémentine Chambon was born in Nîmes in 1979.
After graduating from the Boulle design school and the ENSCI design school, she joins Marc Newson’s agency in 2003 for a collaboration that will last until 2006.

In 2004, she gets a project support scheme from the VIA, Rideau Lumière, “Light curtain”, hand-woven optical fibers powered by LEDs. This hybrid creation has established groundwork for a creative approach on light, its sensorial exploration coupled with new technology. In 2008, she cofounds Design Percept until 2018.
The studio creates exceptional pieces such as Artwork LiLi, illuminated textile installation at the Peninsula hotel in Paris, innovative projects for major companies, Vitruvian project, a power-generating clothing line for EDF and product lines, Colorama vélo B’Twin 3 with Décathlon.

Since 2014, Clémentine Chambon is collaborating with design companies such as Bonacina 1889, Roche Bobois, Nodus Rug. In 2019, she gets a design research residency opened by ENSCI for the development of the Paperwork, OLED paper light exploration project and launches her own design studio based in Paris.

CARPETS BY Clémentine Chambon