Nodus FAQ

What countries do you ship to?
We ship all over the world.

The carpets shipped are insured
Absolutely yes, the goods are insured. Important is, as soon as the goods arrive, they have to be checked.

How the carpets are produced
All our carpets are handmade and are ethical products. We do not use child labour and we pay the right price to allow the economic and cultural development of the people and companies we work with. [ look also at our working CODE ]

The rugs are eco friendly
Not only are they eco friendly for the materials but also because they are completely handmade and in some cases even organic without the use of dyes (see Himalayan undyed collection) or with vegetable dyes handed down through the centuries. [ look also at our working CODE ]

Make modifications on the carpets in the collection
We make modifications on request. We can customize size and colour by re-proportioning the pattern. This operation is possible on all rugs except those in limited edition.

Make carpets on design
We make carpets made to measure and to customer's design of every type and size.

You guarantee the quality of your purchases
We guarantee 100% the purchase. If the carpets have obvious defects or do not conform to the order we will fix or replace the carpet.

After-sale assistance
We assist our customers even after the sale for any needs they may have.

Collaborate with architectural or engineering firms
We collaborate with many specialized firms for projects of every kind: houses, offices, boats, hotels and any and much more.

Provide samples
We can provide or make samples specifically for projects against payment of a fee for the type of sample and the shipment of the same.

What materials do you use
We use a lot of materials, among the most used are wool, bamboo silk, viscose, banana silk and hemp.

Where do you produce the carpets
We produce in different areas of the world but mostly in Nepal and India.

The carpets are strong
The knotted carpets are strong and of very high quality, washable and repairable.

If your budget is not enough there may be alternatives
If the model you have identified is not within your budget, ask if it can be produced with a less expensive technique or material, we will find a solution.