Nodus Philosophy

Our philosophy in the creation of this exclusive handmade collection could be summed up by quoting Francois-Henri Pinault: “ Luxury is the meeting between a vision of the future which surprises and a comprehension of the past which reassures”.
This is how we have created and conceived this collection of unique pieces.
The design will surprise and you will be delighted with the highest quality.

What we offer to our Clients:

Great quality textiles, hand-knotted by the best Producers in the world.
Great design, since every single piece is designed by famous Architects and Designers who distinguish the collection and make it recognisable and prestigious.

Innovation: we have combined the traditions from the best manufacturing to projects not only of design but also artistic and avant-garde, which encouraged us to experiment in order to give a new meaning to the piece itself.

A unique service: each rug, in fact, is produced based on the Client’s personalisation. No stock of carpets with standard sizes but unique textiles which are produced to completely satisfy the Client’s requirements. Every product is made to order and, of course, custom-made.

Finally, but no less important, we pay maximum attention to fair trade. We do not and will not use child labour. However, we do make sure that the fabulous craftspeople are paid a fair and correct reward.
On the contrary, we want to sustain and help them in their growth by working in partnership and by mutual respect.