Suggestions for the care of your rug

In general, it is easy to take care of.
Simply vacuuming moderately is sufficient. Avoid using a carpet beater.

What to do:
• It is advisable to rotate the rug at least once a year but obviously this depends on the amount of traffic.
• Vacuuming: it is necessary to vacuum regularly to remove the dirt and to regenerate the fibres but care must be taken to not vacuum the fringes.
• Stains or spills: in most cases, spills of liquids can be cleaned with a cloth and warm water without rubbing too violently. If an excessive amount of water has been used, it is necessary to ensure it dries naturally and as soon as possible.

However, the use of a hair drier at a low heat could help the drying process.
• Solids are better removed with the blunt edge of a knife or even a spoon.
• Greasy or oily stains could be removed using a neutral shampoo such as a baby shampoo with cold water. Avoid agressive detergents. Woolen rugs are naturally oil-repellent and the detergents can damage the natural oils of the carpet.

A good rule to follow is: if you can use it on your hair, you probably can use it on the carpet.
Note: for stubborn stains, we recommend to consult a specialist cleaner.
• Packing: the carpet should always be rolled and protected by a suitable cover.
• Do not fold the carpet

General information:
One thing to remember is that humidity can damage a rug, therefore, we recommend to not stand plants on a rug.
Equally harmful is animal urine which can leave stains if not treated quickly and effectively. It is advisable to wet this with cold water immediately and, then, seek a specialist cleaning service.

Please always remember, if possible, to dry the rug naturally but not in direct sunlight.
It is important never to use stain removing products. If the carpet should have oil or grease stains, it is necessary to use talcum powder or similar.