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Bamboo silk rugs: how to choose them according to your decor?

bamboo silk rugs are perfect for those who are looking for a durable, eco-friendly luxury carpet with great versatility. they are made from a very fine and durable yarn, which is obtained by processing cellulose. Choosing them to furnish your home allows you to radically transform the look of your rooms. If you want a room with a cosy atmosphere, bamboo silk rugs in warm colours are the most suitable choice.

Best handmade rugs. They will light up your home

Best handmade rugs Best Handmade rugs are especially prized for their beauty and craftsmanship. Here we discuss the best handmade rugs. They are also usually caused by skilled artisans with a lot of rug-making experience and knowledge. Once you’ve found a company you trust, please look at their handmade rugs selection

Boho rug: what are its characteristics? How to match it to different interiors?

Boho rug is a great solution if you want to add personality to the furnishings of your home with little effort. The aesthetics of a boho rug is probably the most distinctive element, i.e. the one that most strikes the observer. Since these carpets have a look that does not go unnoticed, they can also be used to visually separate various areas in large rooms and open-plan homes.

Carpet with pattern: how to choose the right model for your furnishing style?

Carpet with pattern is always a good choice to enrich the decor of your home or, more generally, your interior design. you have to carefully select the patterns and colours to be used in your home. These aspects of the carpet have a strong influence on how the room will look and can give the room a very special style. Carpet with patterns can really add a unique touch to the room

Carpets for allergy sufferers: What do they look like? How to choose the best allergy-friendly carpet?

Carpets for allergy sufferers: choosing carpets made of hypoallergenic materials and safe manufacturing processes is the best solution for those who suffer from allergies but do not want to deprive themselves of the beauty and comfort of luxury carpets. The materials to be used are hypoallergenic and natural ones such as wool, organic cotton and bamboo. Wool, cotton and bamboo have excellent breathable properties and are able to absorb moisture, thus helping to keep the home environment healthy and comfortable.

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